For Builders


    Feasibility Study

    Analysis of area as it relates to product / unit mix analysis:

    • Consumer Analysis – Targeting who your buyer is, their wants & needs, and consumer demographics
    • Differentiation by determining your competitive advantage and strengths
    • Minimize Risk through proper product selection and positioning
    • Identifying the Best Practices and Marketing to invest in for your projects – Where to spend money to make money
    • Product Pricing to maximize sales and profitability
    • Design Analysis as it relates to pricing. Standard features as well as needed upgrades per consumer demographics
    • Neighborhood Design and Planning. Site layout, entrance, and amenities

    Sales & Marketing

    Creating a winning marketing strategy to target your target buyer and how your product fits their needs:

    • Pre-qualifying to help you save time by only working with serious clients
    • Sales center set up for smooth presentations and contract acquisition
    • On-site representation, management, and training
    • Contract design, change order process, pricing request flow
    • Detailed analysis for print advertising
    • Detailed media/internet exposure
    • Detailed events for outreach to consumers and agents
    • Custom designed marketing pieces to best represent product
    • Press management and public relations
    • Financing and incentives with preferred Lending options

    Follow Through & Reporting

    • Implement systems to better manage buyer/builder communications
    • Develop and manage change order process for upgrades, weekly progress reports for clients, and schedule for buyer/builder walk-throughs and meetings
    • Weekly sales reports prepared by onsite team and sales manager. These reports include weekly sales and traffic, advertising analysis, and contract status reports
    • Better information = Better Decisions